Mobile Sales Technology Platform for Life Insurance Companies, Brokerage Agencies, & Financial Advisors

(Toronto, July 2011) Increasingly, life insurance agents and their customers, are using smartphone technology to get the information they want immediately at their fingertips. Insurance companies are looking for ways to increase their agents’ sales with mobile applications.

illustrate inc, a leading developer of point-of-sale technology solutions for the North American life insurance industry, recently introduced OPUS Mobile — a mobile web-based application that can run on any smartphone, allowing financial advisors to quickly and easily obtain life insurance quotes in the palm of their hands and immediately share results with their clients.

For more than 20 years, illustrate inc has been delivering customized point-of-sale solutions to the North American life insurance industry. Expanding from simply sales illustrations, illustrate inc has developed a point-of-sales platform, OPUS, that provides a suite of applications for the life insurance sales process; including needs analysis, sales concepts, product illustrations, and electronic application submission and integration with home office administration systems. Behind the scenes, illustrate inc has developed powerful product engines, which are accessible through the web and now, using OPUS Mobile, can be accessed from any Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Android or any other smartphone.

“Given the pace at which the world is migrating to mobile devices and creating demand for mobile applications, we are delighted to be taking a lead in this technology arena.”
~~Lorne Brown, President, illustrate inc

illustrate inc’s first U.S. OPUS Mobile client, Foresters™, a life insurance provider committed to the well-being of families, has seen nearly 25,000 insurance quotes generated in the first few weeks following launch of their mobile solution built on the OPUS Mobile platform.

OPUS Mobile only requires the minimum of information to produce an immediate product quote. Enter the client’s age, gender, smoker status and desired face amount or monthly premium, and OPUS Mobile immediately calculates the result, accessing the full sales illustration engine on the insurer’s web-server. Agents love having this simple-to-use sales tool in their hands.

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illustrate inc is a Canadian-based technology vendor, providing point-of-sale software solutions to the life insurance and financial services industry. illustrate inc has more than 20 years experience addressing the industry’s needs for efficiency, effectiveness and speed to market. With clients in Canada, the U.S. and abroad, illustrate inc continues to evolve to anticipate and meet the changing needs of the insurance and financial services industries.

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