OPUS Illustrations

OPUS™ Illustrations
New Business & Inforce Life Insurance Solutions

Covering all life, critical illness, disability and annuity products, OPUS Illustrations provides the ability to produce quotes, comparisons, and  compliant illustration reports through a user-friendly interface that delivers quick calculations and reports every time, no matter the number of users. This enables informed decision making to elevate the agent and client experience, meanwhile offering carriers a range of benefits.

Actuarial and regulatory expertise to ensure that calculations are accurate, compliant and complete

Modular and API equipped to enable ease of integration with customer or other 3rd party systems

Powerful Calc Engine handles any scenario with speed and accuracy

New business and inforce calculations and reporting

Automated workflow to drive new revenue and reduce operating costs

Accessible through web, offline and mobile options

Dynamic, customizable and compliant illustration and other required reports

Modular & Customizable for Cost Effectiveness, Scalability & Future Readiness

With no two carriers alike, OPUS Illustrations provides the ability to configure, customize and scale systems as carriers build and execute their digital transformation strategies.

The system supports a virtually unlimited number of users and concurrent transactions with built in API functionality for easy two-way integration with systems including policy admin, eSignature such as DocuSign, eApp, CRM and others.

Designed to be modular and customizable for each carrier’s brand and needs, OPUS Illustrations provides a sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective solution that’s ready for whatever the future might bring.


Whether it is for sales, compliance, audit, or general information purposes, OPUS Inforce provides calculations and reports in a variety of formats to provide instant, accurate, and complete information to enable decisions. Through 2-way integration with Carrier systems, OPUS Inforce retrieves the required client and policy details and allows users to run various scenarios through a robust, customized User Interface, in single case or batch mode. Complex calculations are efficiently handled through the OPUS Calc Engine and reports are generated dynamically in a variety of potential formats. OPUS Inforce is easily integrated with OPUS Illustrations and OPUS eApp to provide ease of access, increased functionality, and an easy-to-use
user experience.

Needs Analysis

Our powerful, easy to use Needs Analysis tools help advisors and their clients define specific risks to their clients’ financial security in the event of a known or unanticipated life event. Advisors can easily move clients towards the purchase of appropriate insurance or wealth products to meet the need upon highlighting any shortfalls.

The intuitive process allows clients to clearly articulate their financial goals and actively participate in the development of their own financial models.


Cloud-based platform facilitates a fast and secure web access through virtually any browser or device with offline and sync functionality available.

Now offering OPUS Mobile, a carrier specific quoting and illustrations app for added flexibility.


Search and archiving

Search by client, date or reference number to retrieve past cases or return to complete cases in progress.

Quote compare

Facilitate easy analysis, review, comparison and selection across plans and product lines.

Age and amount

Generate and display actual requirements based on client and product inputs.

Customization options

Carrier specific branding and requirements with configurable role-based user preferences and more.

Reflexive and intuitive

OPUS Illustrations reflexive design adjusts to gather only required information based on business rules and specific client inputs.

Multiple outputs and views

Illustration reports, multilingual, import/export functionality, excel view, ACORD standard, print, email and text capabilities.


Dynamically updating summary pane conveniently displays and visualizes client and product information.

Data Accuracy & Reporting

Accurate data and reporting are a critical part of the illustration and compliance process. OPUS Illustrations uses several best practices to minimize errors including input guidance, global default setting, error notifications, and more. Most importantly, the system limits inputs by pre-populating fields that are alike to reduce data entry by having inputs automatically apply system wide, including to connecting modules. Visually engaging, with accurate data in hand, OPUS Illustrations produces detailed and compliant reports that will satisfy underwriters, actuaries and auditors.

Calculation Capabilities

Using our proprietary smartfile™ technology to process customer specific business rules and requirements, OPUS Calc Engine delivers fast and accurate calculations. In addition, we’ve designed it to be configured by business users so that they can easily build and maintain the system as opposed to developers. This reduces lag time and empowers you team to make simple changes such as adding new products and updating fees. The OPUS Calc Engine provides opportunities beyond illustrations such as: • Calc engine integrated with customer built front end applications. • Calc engine to generate quotes for public facing websites. • Carrier “shadow system” for audit, new product, pricing, and testing purposes.

OPUS Calc Engine Solves

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