Mobile-first and Device Independence

We think it’s important to help our clients use our software in whatever format best helps their sales teams. We go through great lengths to make sure that every application establishes a new level of excellence in UX from mobile to monitor and our modular eco-system allows for every application to be deployed in a multitude of formats: Stand Alone app, Web Application, Native Mobile application or widget.

Watch this 60 second video about the insightful power of our proprietary in2it™ process.

Rapid Deployment

Our rapid deployment model allows us to identify your problem state, surround it with solutions and get you up and running faster and less expensively than any other provider.

UX Analysis and Review

How a end user is going to use the software is almost as important as what the software does. We analyze what the end user expects out of each tool and are constantly working to provide the simplest path to achieve their goal.

Enhanced Market and Industry Insight

Our industry insight and thought leadership allows us to create models that address your current needs state while being able to anticipate and adapt to your future needs.

Modular Plug & Play Product Architecture

All our solutions are developed as independent modules supporting our needs based product bundling concept and have been built to be plug and play with each other. That means we can quickly deploy the modules that best suit your project needs.

In-house Actuarial Expertise

We speak your language. Our in-house actuarial staff provide us the ability to work with your actuarial team to get a full understand of your products.

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