Cloud-Based, Low-Code Platform

Our solutions are purposefully created to be modular, open ended applications, that can be easily configured to meet the different needs of each carrier in order to offer ease of integration with other systems, whether it’s our own or a 3rd  party connection.

From front-end to back end, our architecture, platform, and modern technology stack provide the tools and resources to ensure that our solutions are robust, high performing, sustainable, and future ready.


Our range of solutions can be used together, separately, or integrate with other 3rd party systems and information providers. Therefore, you commit to only the solutions you need.


Whether you’re extending a product to a new location or demographic, or need a calculation to run a specific solve, our tools empower your business users to make changes without requiring technical expertise.


From branding and templates to reporting and distribution, you’re in control. We work with each carrier to ensure that our systems meet your unique requirements, needs and goals.

OPUS (One Point Unified System)

Our OPUS platform provides a modern, layered component architecture that offers rapid solution delivery capabilities, ease of integration, improved presentation, and automation capabilities. System users are able to manage all aspects of the sales process via our user-friendly interface, where data is captured and populated throughout the system and in each module.

True Engine Architecture

Our True Engine Architecture delivers state-of-the-art life, wealth and health illustrations, e-Apps and point-of-sale technology. It also ensures that your investment in technology today will not be wasted years from now when technology changes.

By isolating product specific business rules, logic, rates and calculations away from the calculation, report, business rules and user interface engines, illustrate inc solutions allow for an easy migration path to tomorrow’s technology, without sacrificing today.

Device Independency

We make use of the best of what today’s technology has to offer. Through the use of our custom web services we separate the functionality from the interface. Therefore, every application we deliver can easily be modified to work for any deployment need. Standalone, cloud, mobile, native application, widget… you name it.

Proprietary Calculation Engine

At the core of our vast range of solutions is our well-established, proprietary, and stand-alone calculation engine that’s capable of handling basic and complex formulas with ease. Fast and powerful, it’s built to be reflexive in nature, enabling it to power through multiple solve options and carry forward results across any platforms that it interacts with. It can be used for both inforce and new business applications across our line of solutions covering quoting, illustrations, mobile and needs analysis. Being API ready, it can be used in conjunction with 3rd party systems or simply on its own.


OPUS™ has built in security and safeguards to protect data, confidential information and system access.

Authentication factors for both internal and external users include, but are not limited to, two-factor authentication, security tokens / pins, biometric security support, multi-factor authentication, single sign on (SSO) and role based access privileges.

From network and infrastructure, to application security, our cyber security protocols and policies are current, robust, and regularly tested.

Watch this 60 second video about the insightful power of our proprietary in2it™ process and how it can benefit your business.