OPUS Mobile

OPUS Mobile™
Life Insurance Quoting & Illustrations App

With consumers demanding immediate results and quick turnarounds, carriers can now empower agents to provide quotes, illustrations and reports on the spot, through their mobile phone. As a multi-functional, carrier specific app, OPUS Mobile also works as a valuable resource tool for agents, and a communications tool for carriers to provide updates and announcements. Ultimately, OPUS Mobile dramatically improves the agent and client experience, leading to securing new accounts in less time.

Instant, real-time quotes

Convenient and accessible

Quote compare across Term, WL, UL and more

Carrier configurable and customizable

Needs analysis

Generate quotes or illustration reports

Apple® and Android™ certified

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Sales Functionality & Reporting

OPUS Mobile arms your agents with tools to provide accurate quotes and data to support a more transparent and informed sales process through the following ways:

  • Quote compare or specific product review
  • Multiple solves, riders and rate class
  • Solve for Premium or Face Amount
  • Rider options that adjust for client and product
  • Create illustration reports for term and other select products
  • Create proposals or top line quote reports for all products
  • Email and text PDF report delivery
  • Needs Analysis



Carriers currently on illustrate inc’s powerful OPUS Calc Engine are ready to integrate with OPUS Mobile. Those with an in-house or 3rd party calculation engine can easily integrate with OPUS Mobile using API connectivity for a seamless experience due to the configurable and customizable nature of the app.

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