OPUS eApps

OPUS™ eApps
Life, Health & Wealth Apps in Good Order

OPUS™ eApps makes manual processing a thing of the past. Utilizing reflexive questioning logic to ensure accuracy and efficiency, advisors can easily complete forms and capture an electronic signature, resulting in an improved user and customer experience. Eliminating data re-entry, producing instant compliant reports, and encouraging apps in good order increase speed, decrease operating costs, and drive new revenue.

Increase data accuracy, completeness, and quality to ensure apps in good order

Securely transfer data between applications and systems

Support convenience of online forms with eSignature capabilities

Transform and improve agent and customer experience

Increase speed of policy delivery

Automated workflow to drive new revenue and reduce operating costs

Modular and API driven to enable ease of integration with other systems

Customized carrier specific application and report requirements

Modular & Customizable for Cost Effectiveness, Scalability & Future Readiness

With no two carriers alike, OPUS™ eApps provides the ability to configure, customize and scale systems as carriers build and execute their digital transformation strategies.

The system supports a virtually unlimited number of users and concurrent transactions with built in API functionality for easy two-way integration with systems including policy admin, eSignature such as DocuSign, eApp, CRM, MIB, LexisNexis, ExamOne and others. In addition, it’s ready to feed any automated underwriting rules engine for straight-through processing.

Designed to be modular and customizable for each carrier’s brand and needs, OPUS™ eApps provides a sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective solution that’s ready for whatever the future might bring.

Tailored Reporting

Based on specific carrier, client, agent and case requirements, data can be captured and formatted into a range of different reports tailored for specific needs including application Part 1 and Part 2, commission reports, agent reports and any others. eSignature capabilities finalize the application process and deliver full and complete apps in good order. All applications and reports can be printed, saved or sent via secure data transfer to other customer systems.


OPUS™ eApps has built in security and safeguards to protect data, confidential information and system access. Authentication factors for both internal and external users include, but are not limited to, two-factor authentication, security tokens / pins, biometric security support, multi-factor authentication, single sign on (SSO) and role based access privileges. From network and infrastructure, to application security, our cyber security protocols and policies are current, robust, and regularly tested.


Cloud-based platform facilitates a fast and secure web access through virtually any browser or device with offline and sync functionality available.



Familiar, dynamic and reflexive interface for life, health and wealth products.

Application progress

Monitors and indicates progress as the user completes the application.

Search and archiving

Search by client, date or reference number to start a new case, retrieve past cases or return to complete cases in progress.

Data accuracy

Enter data only once, input guidance, min/max, input field formatting, global default settings and error notifications that take user to the error.

Reflexive and intuitive display and navigation:

OPUS eApps reflexive design adjusts to gather only required information based on business rules and specific client inputs.

Unrestricted workflow

Access and navigate all sections without restrictions, and complete in the order that best suits the client and situation.

Customization options

Carrier specific branding and requirements with configurable role-based user preferences and more.

Multilingual capabilities

Designed to easily accommodate multi-lingual requirements covering language, symbols and formatting.

Document upload

Flexible file formats for upload.

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