Architecture Overview

illustrate inc solutions feature True Engine Architecture to deliver state of the art life, wealth and health illustration and point-of-sale technology for today’s devices like iPad, Surface and Android tablets. It also ensures that your investment in technology today will not be wasted years from now when technology changes.

By isolating product specific business rules, logic, rates and calculations away from the calculation, report, business rules and user interface engines, illustrate inc solutions allow for an easy migration path to tomorrow’s technology, without sacrificing today.

Device Independency

We make use of the best today’s technology has to offer. Through the use of our custom web services we separate the functionality from the interface. Therefore, every application we deliver can easily be modified to work for any deployment need. Standalone, cloud, mobile, native application, widget… you name it.

Business Reporting

Full analytics from illustrate inc gives you and your team increased efficiency and adaptability with ongoing updates, analysis and solutions.

Our OPUS solution set, provides fast, easy access to life insurance and financial service products harnessing today’s mobile technology. Advisors can increase their productivity by taking advantage of sales support tools like needs analysis, product quotes, basic to advanced concepts, illustrations, electronic applications and more.


Our flexible and intuitive life insurance illustration software solution is capable of illustrating all life, wealth accumulation with payout and health products. Compliant, easy-to read reports can be displayed, e-mailed or printed for client review.

User Interface

All products for all lines of business are illustrated in one familiar user interface.

Preview Panels

Preview panels allow quick quotes and comparison of various scenarios without running a full illustration, so agents can efficiently compare various options for the client quickly and efficiently.

Client Data

No need to re-enter client data previously entered into the system, and no need to re-enter illustration data into applications: information entered once in the system is available throughout the system.


Integration with electronic applications to facilitate straight through processing of applications.


Underwriting requirements displayed within the input screen: no need to run a report to view them.


Multi-session ability significantly reduces the time required to compare various scenarios.

Needs Analysis

Our powerful, easy to use Needs Analysis tool helps advisors and their clients define specific risks to their clients’ financial security in the event of a known or unanticipated life event. Advisors can easily move clients towards the purchase of appropriate insurance or wealth products to meet the need upon highlighting any shortfalls.

The intuitive process allows clients to clearly articulate their financial goals and actively participate in the development of their own financial models. Data flows seamlessly from the financial worksheets into the Needs Analysis module, allowing rapid analysis of the client’s situation, then subsequently to the illustration module to complete the sale.

e-Forms – Electronic Applications

At illustrate inc our user-interface is designed to make everything easier for you and your customers.

Electronic applications make manual processing a thing of the past. The seamless integration of data and pre-populated electronic forms can be quickly and easily completed and can be submitted to the distributor and carrier instantaneously with greatly reduced chances for errors in processing.

No paper. No couriers. No re-entry of data.

Prospecting Tools

illustrate inc provides advisors with advanced sales tools to illustrate the use of financial products to generate and protect personal and business wealth. Concepts paint a picture for the client of a financial problem or opportunity, which they may not even realize they have.

The individual modules produce and compare multiple solutions to these financial situations enabling the advisor to easily recommend which product option best fits the clients’ circumstance. Whether it is solving real business problems, strategically planning for the future or retaining key employees, illustrate inc’s concepts turn your advisors into the expert their clients need.

Insurance Desk

For decades illustrate inc’s Insurance Desk illustration system has given agents the edge they need to sell life insurance, annuity and long term care products in a competitive market.

In the coming months Insurance Desk will be transitioning into a new and dynamic system. For you that means you’ll get the same expertise, technical talent and software development experience in a more adaptable, intuitive and powerful platform.