CSI technology is a landmark innovation that enables non-developers to use specialized tools to design an application, reducing reliance on “backend programmers” and allowing business staff to implement product rules, changes and updates directly, enabling fast and more intuitive development on client projects. An XML data structure is the hub of the application not only acting as a data store but the vehicle to interface with components and services within our framework and more importantly other third party products. As the Canadian insurance industry works to define a common XML layout, illustrate inc is well positioned to quickly implement these changes within our framework.

The CSI system also uses standard industry technology which brings a number of benefits to the end user, including easier deployment, enhanced interoperability and better security. The .NET framework, Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XAML are some of the technologies used within the CSI system.

The architecture itself provides a number of benefits and features: single development with capability of being rendered either on the web (Silverlight) or desktop (WPF), greater security (authentication and role-based authorization), synchronization of services and data, modular components and easy enabling of third party applications.