2009 will see a significant growth in the footprint of our product set. Illustrate inc will be adding a financial needs analysis platform to our marketplace offering. We recognize that utilizing needs analysis as a consumer education tool increases buying rates by 60 percent. We also understand that undertaking needs analysis as part of the sales approach lends itself to second visits – and buying rates jump 20 percent on second calls.

The needs product is being delivered on a new technology framework that will allow the client-facing components to be rendered in a web environment or stand-alone environment. The solution will offer rich needs analysis functionality and a graphical interface that is highly intuitive and client-friendly. The offering will provide the following benefits:

  1. It will support agency force growth, and expansion in range of products and services
  2. It will allow you to react quickly and efficiently to legislative and marketplace changes.
  3. It will service the vastly growing spectrum of “finsurance” needs of your clients
  4. It will support the vast and varied levels of expertise of your advisors and associates
  5. It will integrate with other software applications for efficiency for your clients

The platform will be focused on “product need” rather than “product concept”. As is the case with all of our client-facing sales support solutions, the offering will facilitate dialog through a customizable scripting capability, will allow setting defaults and preferences, and will be flexible and easy to use.

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