Our Process

We take an intuitive approach to solution sets. That means you gain the ability to have a comprehensive view of the entire organization and approach each update as a modular, integrated solution leading naturally to the next innovation.

Our proprietary in2it™ process allows us to tackle problems from four sides.

First-hand advisor background and experience

We speak advisor. That means we’ve been there and will work to identify tailor made solutions that solve your distinct challenges.

Innovative technical solutions addressing specific individual client needs

Because our needs based product bundles let you build your own box we help you provide solutions to your advisors that also integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

Expertise in process efficiency and business model implementation

We develop an understanding of your business plan and infrastructure, ensuring what we’re developing is set up to meet and exceed your business objectives.

Customized end-customer experience

By taking the time to understand the demographic of your customer, we ensure
your offerings look and feel like lifestyle products for the end client.

Watch this 60 second video about the insightful power of our proprietary in2it™ process and how it can benefit your business.

Vision and Values

At illustrate inc, we value data over opinion and client feedback over everything else. We’re adaptive thinkers with a motivated, high-performing and accountable staff. Every decision we make is based on the benefit to our customers over features to our products.

Above all else, we share the values of our clients and their customers and intuitively approach their business challenges, committing to them as partners that add long-term value.

Our Approach

We specialize in delivering innovative solutions to insurance and financial service professionals, addressing the industry need for efficiency, effectiveness and speed to market.

We harness our proprietary process to rapidly deploy innovative, intuitive technology solutions for the insurance and financial services industries, empowering our clients to be relevant and mobile-ready.

Rapid Deployment

Our rapid deployment model means accessing the insight of the in2it™ process to maintain your market lead, giving you the power of custom solutions at off the shelf pricing.

You benefit from our forward-thinking approach when you partner with illustrate inc It allows us to identify your problem state, surround it with solutions to address your need state and get you up and running faster and less expensively than any other provider.

UX Analysis and Review

How an end user is going to use the software is almost as important as what the software does. We analyze what the end user expects out of each tool and are constantly working to provide the simplest path to achieve their goal.

Enhanced Market and Industry Insight

What makes illustrate inc different is our ability to identify and surround problem states and to provide rapid, modular, mobile-first solutions. Our industry insight and thought leadership allows us to create models that address your current needs state while being able to anticipate and adapt to your future needs.

Modular Plug & Play Product Architecture

All our solutions are developed as independent modules supporting our needs based product bundling concept and have been built to be plug and play with each other. That means we can quickly deploy the modules that best suit your project needs.

In-house Actuarial Expertise

We speak your language. Our in-house actuarial staff provide us the ability to work with your actuarial team to get a full understand of your products.

Continuous Improvement Model

The illustrate inc Continuous Improvement Model allows your business to evolve and grow without having to sacrifice time or money. Whether it’s implementing new system architecture, adding new technology to your existing system or modernizing to adapt to industry change, our technology helps your business evolve and will evolve alongside your business.

Modular Solutions

All our solutions are developed as independent modules supporting our needs based product bundling concept and have been built to be plug and play with each other. That means we can provide what you need when you need it and if in the future you need to add something else, it won’t break the bank.