Introducing Investment Illustrator—a flexible and simple illustration system for the wealth market.

illustrate inc is pleased to announce the release of Investment Illustrator—a flexible, rules-driven tax compliant illustration product for the wealth marketplace.

Built using .NET® technology and developed with illustrate inc’s robust, modular design philosophy, Investment Illustrator is highly customizable and easily integrates with illustrate inc’s other products.

Investment Illustrator dynamically generates charts, and produces reports based on client inputs and a complex set of Company and statutory rules relating to age, province of residence, and any previous products selected. The application addresses both sides of the wealth equation — accumulation projection and payout projection—and accommodates inputs such as ad hoc lump sum deposits or payouts, level or indexed deposits & payouts, and separate rates of return during accumulation or payout. Investment Illustrator can be easily branded through logos, labels, folder names, and reports.

With its flexible solve capability, Investment Illustrator can answer common questions such as:

* What will my savings be worth? (“Future value of savings”)
* What must I save to reach my accumulation goal or income goal? (Deposit stream”)
* How long will I have to save at my current level to reach my accumulation goal or income goal? (“Deposit duration”)
* What minimum or maximum income will my LIRA or RRSP provide? (“Future income”)
* How long can I draw a specified income from my RRSP, LIRA or non-registered savings? (“Future income”)
* What income can I draw from my non-registered savings while leaving a specified estate value? (“Immediate income”)

“Investment Illustrator is a wonderful example of how powerful yet customizable illustrate inc’s engine, smart file and editor structure is to apply to new applications.” commented Zahir Dhalla, President of illustrate inc “As the pace of change in the life insurance industry continues to accelerate, flexibility has become a key requirement to stay competitive. Investment Illustrator’s flexible, rules-based design philosophy allows insurers to introduce product changes to their field force more quickly, allowing insurers to sharpen their competitive edge.”

Watch for our spring issue of Insight which will include our latest product for the Wealth market, Single Premium Immediate Annuity.

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