“Have you ever wondered how you, as an actuary, can make a difference to the world?” Together with the Actuaries Club of Toronto, illustrate inc has taken a leadership role in engaging the actuarial community to make a difference for those in need. Our efforts have been inspired by the values that we have held as a company for the last twenty years and by the work of Peter Patterson. Peter is an accomplished actuary who, before retiring, last held the position of CEO, M&G/Swiss Re. Since then, he has been the Chairman of the Board for World Vision, Canada’s largest charity; a Member of the Board for three insurance companies; an Active health care lobbyist for the CIA; and a current Business Director for Wycliffe College (University of Toronto).

After engaging a group of seed contributors and individual members of the community, through Peter’s speak at the CIA meeting in November, we are well on the way to raising the money required for installing a well in a village in Uganda.

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